A bit of history

As an heir to the tradition of elegance and sophistication, La Maison Degand is a pioneer in the Belgian fashion world and far beyond. This reputation is created by its founder and visionary stylist: Pierre Degand.

Driven by his passion for excellence and tailor-made clothing, he bought a beautiful mansion on Brussels Avenue Louise in 1983. There he created, at the legendary number 415, his life project: La Maison Degand. In the meantime, the famous house grew into a true mecca for ready-to-wear, semi- customized and customized clothes. Costumes and shirts of the highest quality are the basis for the immense range of products that the house has to offer.

At the age of 28, Pierre Degand presented his vision of elegance, beauty and sophistication to the world. It became an appeal for his philosophy in which men’s clothing is a source of intense pleasure and everything is chosen and worn as a reflexion of the personality. According to Pierre Degand, everything is a matter of details: bespoke suits and shirts, formal suits, cufflinks, silk ties, cardigans, sweaters in the purest cashmere and a pair of custom-made shoes; nothing is left to chance.

Also a commitment was made to work exclusively with artisans whose philosophy is in line with that of Pierre Degand.

The choice for excellence was never without a risk. As a pioneer in the distribution of exclusive quality labels, Pierre Degand offered a selection of products that was previously unknown to the Brussels public. The Italian brands Tods and Acqua di Parma are here exemplary.

At a time when commercial shopping centers flourished, La Maison Degand remained true to its basic values. No concessions were ever made to the demands of the textile sector, which increasingly abandoned quality standards and put mass production first.

La Maison Degand swam against the current and established a tailor atelier in Brussels. Since the beginning, a strict selection has been made here: only men’s clothing from the absolute top class was offered. Tailor-made suits, shirts and shoes, as well as a tailor-made ready-to-wear, the so-called “half- measure”. Pierre Degand thus created a universe in which elegance and sophistication were the absolute priority.

In 1994, Michèle, the wife of Pierre Degand, joined La Maison Degand. In 1997, she stood at the dawn of Degand Sport: a special place for a new range of high-quality ready-to wear.

In 2005, Degand Sport moved to a building next to La Maison Degand. The vacant space in the building at the back of the main house was transformed into a boutique where shoes would be at the centre stage and where every customer could realize the pair of shoes he always dreamed about.

In 2018 a collaboration took place with the Brussels barber Bayer & Bayer, one of the best barbers in Belgium. On the third floor of the house, next to the renovated atelier, a barbershop was created where the loyal customers can enjoy a traditional haircut and shave, performed by highly skilled hands. In addition to the barber shop, top products for hair and beard by the prestigious Acqua di Parma are also offered here.

Pierre Degand is more than ever passionate about his metier and is committed to his life’s work. At the renowned number 415 of Brussels Avenue Louise, he still receives loyal and new customers every day, who can always count on his advice. It is through this advice, the finesse and his incredible expertise, that Pierre Degand has been able to make his name all over the world.