Passion and “savoir faire” in a man’s world

Degand; a name; a story.

Behind every exceptional business stands an exceptional man. Recognized worldwide as the temple of elegance and sophistication, the prestigious Maison Degand is no exception to the rule, owing its success to founder and stylist: Pierre Degand. 

Characterized by his fervor for excellence, Pierre Degand acquired in 1983 the luxurious mansion located at number 415 Avenue Louise, which is now known as Maison Degand. Here he establishes his greatest life project: his House. At only 28, this man of character shares his vision with the world: aspiring to become the spokesman of a life philosophy defined by the pleasure of dressing up for the sake of art and one’s personnality. Subsequently, he commits to collaborating only with artisans whose obstinance for quality of fabric and fabrication captivate him.

His persistence for distinction has not left him unscathed; indeed, as a pioneer in the distribution of labels of quality, Pierre Degand made his debut with a selection of products which are unheard of by the public, such as the now-renowned shoe brand TOD’s, or the timeless cologne ‘Acqua Di Parma’.

Being a time when malls were flourishing and promoting big brands, Maison Degand faced tough competition. Nevertheless, Pierre Degand stuck to his founding values and did not lose faith in his business’ direction and principles, reflected by both its prestigious location and refusal to compromise to the textile industry’s demands of quantity over quality.

In this way, La Maison Degand settled in Brussels and bucked the trends right from very beginning; offering a fine selection of high-end products, through its tailor-made work (the Bespoke line), as well as its handmade prêt-à- porter (the Be Luxury line).

In 1994, Pierre’s wife Michèle, joined the team and just three years later contributed to the opening of a space dedicated to a whole new line of high-end prêt-à-porter entitled Casual Chic. First presented in an exclusive space at the very back of the House, the Casual Chic line was transferred in 2005 to the La Maison Degand shop next door. The space in the back of the House then became a shoe-lovers paradise. To this day it is still Michèle Degand who supervises these two lines, Casual Chic and Shoes.

This past September 15th, La Maison Degand took its bright future one step further with the opening of Degand Gifts, located just a few steps from the House, where Emily Degand introduces her creations as well as original objects selected for their quality with the taste for excellency she inherited from her father, Pierre Degand.

Pierre Degand, whom is now more than ever dedicated to his profession and his House, still welcomes his loyal and new customers every day in his illustrious establishment, where he still enjoys spreading the finesse and expertise that have made his business famous worldwide.

By CurryKetchup